Why Diversity Atlas

Diversity is the new normal. Workforces are made up of individuals who speak more languages, hail from more countries, and hold a wider range of worldviews now than ever before; and that is only going to increase.

Enhance inclusion

Studies show that when managed properly, diversity can foster creativity, enhance inclusion, and improve productivity. Research however also shows that if not managed, increasing diversity can have negative impact on team performance, create employee disengagement and loss of business opportunities. By gaining data against the three pillars of cultural diversity, languages, religion/worldviews and country of birth, Diversity Atlas provides organisations with insights and unlocks new business opportunities.

1. beyond

Mandatory reporting against diversity targets are increasingly common (gender, disability). Diversity Atlas is a powerful tool and a one stop shop for collating vital data and useful analytics for compliance requirements.

Harvesting this data assists with your compliance reporting requirements and goes further, revealing deeper information about your workforce.


2. management

Diversity Atlas is useful for risk management and problem solving.

Armed with insightful analytics on the type and extent of diversity, organisations can tailor their inclusion strategies to ensure the optimal match between the specific make-up of groups and the tasks they perform. This allows a clear path forward for meaningful inclusion strategies and policies.

3. benefits

By understanding the depth of cultural diversity in your organisation, you can start to unlock the opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Studies show that when managed carefully, diversity in an organisation can lead to greater problem solving, innovative strategies and increased productivity.


These three propositions have a very clear relationship as all businesses, whether their motivations are social justice or corporate performance will confront issues of performance optimisation, social cohesion and task performance that flow from organisational diversity.