1. Administrator Setup

A subscription is purchased to Ancestry Atlas

An administrator for the school registers using an email address

The administrator invites teachers to join the school’s private Ancestry Atlas

The teachers receive an email inviting them to activate their registration and provide details of their Ancestry

2. Ask for information

The teacher signs in to Ancestry Atlas and enters an email address of all students they wish to invite to join their Ancestry Atlas class group

The students receive an email to activate their registration

The students individually enter their Ancestry details through a simple web form

Adding details of languages and beliefs is entirely optional and confidential

3. Make the infographic

The Ancestry Atlas website automatically generates an infographic

Each country of the world is shaded darker commensurate with the population of the class from that location

The Infographic shows languages spoken at home and religious beliefs

An interactive table of data is available to view the data based on filters (eg: gender)

4. Share your results

The class discusses how they would like to share these maps (if at all)

A digital version can be shared using Social Media

Printouts of the image can be distributed

High Resolution for large size printing can be ordered online

5. Follow up activities (for Schools)

The infographic is a conversation prompt for Intercultural understanding

Compare your image to an international school through a teleconference tool

Ancestry Atlas provides Lesson Plans as part of the subscription fee.
For example, a Secondary class can use this activity as part of a lesson on Country borders versus ‘Nations’ such as First Nations original territories, Tribal or Ethnic groups (eg. Kurdish)


These are the common FAQ’s for visitors to Ancestry Atlas. For further enquiries, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.
We are continually improving the Ancestry Atlas website so would be happy to hear from you.